Erasmus + is the European Union programme in the field of education, training, youth and sport, which – the 1st of January 2014- replaced the Permanent Learning Programme (Youth in Action and Higher Education international programmes).

It covers the period between 2014-2020, opening new perspectives for mobility schemes as well as european and international educational cooperation.

The youth chapter of Erasmus+ programme gives support to all young people in the field of non formal and informal education. Young people should acquire essencial competences for their personal and professional growth through the programme. European young people form an active part in the participation for the future of EU.

These are the aims pursued by the youth programme:

  • To improve the level of basic competences and abilities of young people.
  • To promote their participation in european democratic life and in the job market.
  • To promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social integration.
  • To strenghten links between young people and job market.
  • To promote improvements in job quality, through a better cooperation between youth organizations and other stakeholders.
  • To substain reforms in local, regional and national policies.
  • To substain the development of youth policies based on knowledge and experience.
  • To recognise of not formal and informal learning.
  • To improve the international dimension of youth activities.
  • To improve the role of workers and organizations in the youth field as support structures for young people.